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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random Pictures
Electricity went out...Helping Daddy with the extension cords

Testing the chocolate cake for Mommy

Vacuuming...Blankie in hand

Putting on Daddy's stinky, dirty socks all by herself


Hanging out with Addie

Let us down there....

Who is entertaining who?

Peek - a- Boo

Cousin Julie is here to play with me!!

Hanging out with Family
Coloring under the supervision of Grandma and Great Grandma

Sleeping on the kitchen floor 

Up to something...

Look Daddy, I can drink out of your glass like a big girl!

More coloring

Writing, Biking, and Swimming...
Camden loves to write and draw on her doodle board

Check out my new bike helmet!!!

This helmet is good for vacuuming too!!
Lots of dust bunnies to watch out for... 

Trying out my new floatation device in my PJ's in the kitchen

Way Behind on Posting Pictures....
Camden has mastered using the cell phone...

Laying on the kitchen floor seems to be a preferred pastime activity


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Slumber Party with Addie
Snacks on the kitchen floor

Grocery shopping, it was hot...

Playing in Camden's room

Cartoons and snacks

Bath Time

Popcorn and Chill Time

Just Messing Around
What do you mean I'm supposed to sit on this?

Doesn't everyone stand in their potty chair?

Decorating Cupcakes

Eating a whole strawberry


This strawberry is good

Got her hat and antlers on all by herself

WHY are you taking pictures of me?

WHAT, can't I run around in my comfy clothes in the
privacy of my own home?

Looking at pictures on mommy's phone

Supposed to be taking a nap with Grandpa
Camo Hat Cuties

Playing peek-a-boo with Papa Jerry

Wagon, sheep, and a walk through the house

Ready to swim

Big BOW and what are you looking at??